RAK summer workshop

In August a group of Fairbeats kids gathered together at Hook Studios, Kingston, to create songs for our Audio Songbook Project. Music leader Holly Khan led a vibrant three day workshop teaching the children ways to create melody, rhythm and helped to develop their singing and songwriting techniques. 

Holly said: “It was incredible working on the songbook project and seeing the young people’s confidence grow. The music empowered them to write about issues close to their heart which was a joy to see. They took ownership every step of the way: writing, composing and performing. The outcome of this is so much more than a song but a cherished experience building all important life skills.”

One student said:”My peak was playing the piano. I got to learn new chords and melodies.”

Another student said: “I really liked writing the songs and putting together the background music. It would be nice to come back here. I will know how to stand up straight when performing and I know how to sing now.”

The studio was kitted out with percussion for the children to experiment with lots of rhythm ideas and they were able to practice singing and performing into a microphone along to a backing track they made.

Our Music Coordinator Kaia has spent the last year supporting kids across all of our workshops, both online and in person. She supported Holly in these sessions and said the kids all had a great time exploring ideas, melodies and recording.

Kaia “One of my highlights was seeing how quickly our young people constructed the song together. They channeled such enthusiasm with a lot of positive creative energy which has translated itself into the beautiful piece of music they made. I’m very proud”

We will be hosting more 3-day workshops in October over the half-term, so watch this space!