What’s Still Happening With You? James Moriarty

Reflections on working with Michael & Anna

When I began looking at the photos sent in by M & A, I was struck by the care with which they had been taken. The composition, lighting, and choice of subject matter suggested a clarity of intention that I was eager to learn more about. One image stood out to me in particular. It was a photo looking through a tunnel constructed out of bamboo. The tunnel itself is an array of darker tones, created by the layers of bamboo, whilst at the end once sees a bright light shining through and bringing a focus to the image. 

When I spoke to M & A about the images, they informed me that they had been taken in their local park, specifically in a more formal garden area filled with flowers and planted features. M & A spoke of how this park had become hugely important to them during the first lockdown as a space in which they could play together whilst enjoying the unique beauties that nature can offer. 

I was struck by the positivity of M & A’s outlook. They spoke poignantly about the things they were missing – seeing friends at birthday parties, for instance – without appearing to be overwhelmed by these absences. When I asked them about their hopes for the future, M said, “there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.” The connection to the image I have described was as clear as day. It was from this moment of insight that the new song sprang forth. I hope it proved an accurate representation of these strange times and the small, but oh so important, joys which M & A have discovered together.

Listen to “There’s A Light” below –