What’s Still Happening With You? Arjun Jethwa

Conversations With Families

A picture of a tree, leaves, plants, the sky from a curtained window – all of these images reminded me of a link to nature and so this became the theme for a soundscape that I set out to create as a response. The images also came from a fife student of mine and so I was keen to have the sound of the fife within it! I decided to take a little walk at a local reservoir, and with the images I had been sent in mind, I recorded several sounds from the surrounding area.

When having a talk with the entire family, I came equipped with many questions to spark a creative conversation, such as: What does this sound make you feel like? What did you have to eat today? What colour do you think this sound would be if it were a colour? The words, reactions, and the overall creative process of this conversation with the family gave me a better sense of what the pictures were about and how I could then create my soundscape. I made several links between my walk and the themes that had come up in conversation to structure my piece and started creating!

“One day during the lockdown, I woke up at 4am, got dressed, and walked to a reservoir of water to watch the sunrise. Everything was peaceful and silent. The huge body of water was completely still and I could see my reflection in it, almost as if it were made of glass! I watched the colours rise in the horizon, laughed at how huge my shadow was on the floor and finally recorded a music video (which was the reason for me waking up so early..!). On the way back home I got chased by wild swans – they hissed at me..!”

Listen to “Jason’s Soundscape” below –