Music’s powerful tool – Arjun Jethwa

I’ve now been working at Fairbeats for around 4 years and that time seems like it’s flown by! Fairbeats has always proved different in comparison to the other learning institutions as there is an emphasis placed on musical enjoyment as opposed to grade exams or other box- ticking activities. Allowing myself and the students to be as creative as we want to be within music sessions eliminates the barrier of a syllabus as there are no set ways in bringing out enjoyment within music. Our participants are simply allowed to have fun while working on a wide range of musical skills. Working in this environment has allowed me to develop my pedagogy practise in a way that is unique to myself and has brought about many successful sessions.

Though as much as the charity has promoted my own creativity, it has undoubtedly benefitted the lives of countless children in difficult social circumstances. The delivery of music has always taken an approach of how we can give choices back to the students so that they can be as much a part of the music making process as we are. I’ve noticed that the outcome of such thinking has led to a true ‘student centred’ approach with learning and gives participants a remarkable sense of ownership. Our end of term performances and parties embody this and illustrate how powerful music can be as a tool in connecting people from around the world.